We get it.

You call your Orange County service contractor only to reach their voice mail, and wait up to 18 hours on some occasions to hear back. It’s no surprise that customers hate dealing with contractors and other service-based companies. That’s why S.J. Peterman Handyman and Remodeling Services has made communication with our clients a top priority and have done so by identifying three main goals.

1. All of our service agents are issued mobile phones so that they can be contacted during the work day.

2. We continuously strive to increase our live phone answering– you should be able to talk to a human, not a machine, when you call us.

3. We also are making it a priority to use technology to cut down on the time it takes to provide a consultation. Most of the time, we can provide a thorough consultation over the phone, where some contractors can take a week to follow up … we can even schedule your job during the same initial conversation.

Since communication with our clients is so important at S.J. Peterman, we suggest that you ask your Orange County contractor two questions : What steps will you take to communicate with me before, during and after the service call? Will you come back at no charge to fix any problems with your work that show up after you leave and for how long?

To meet the goals set by our company, we have created a seven-step process for communicating with our customers:

1. We will call the day before to confirm and review your project.

2. On arrival, we’ll review the project and give you a time estimate in writing.

3. We will discuss your project with you step-by-step and explain the progress we’ve made each day.

4. We will make sure you know when our service people will be working, when they are getting materials, when they will be back and when they will complete your job.

5. In addition to the contractor working on your job, our professional office staff is available during normal business hours to accommodate any schedule changes that you may have.

6. We will immediately notify you if any changes are necessary to our plan.

7. We also solicit feedback on our performance and guarantee to come back and fix any problems with our work.

Our ultimate goal and priority is to make sure that our customers are happy not only with the work that we do, but the manner and timeliness in which it is done. That’s why communication with our clients is so important to us at S.J. Peterman. It’s a privilege to have your business, and we strive to give you the best experience possible.

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