Top Ten Things to Remember When Selling Your Home:


If you see signs of corrosion at the top of the water, you may want to turn the valve “off” to the water heater. You MUST be aware, if the valve is a “gate” valve (one that has a turn knob vs. a “handle”) the gate can get stuck in the “closed” position — at which point it will need to be replaced.
If the valve, just before the water heater, is a “ball” valve, you can turn that off safely (the off position is 90 degrees to the pipe, “sticking out”).


Sometimes toilets like to “run”. You can check to see if the flapper is “hung up” or not seating properly.

Some toilets “run” even when the flapper valve is down and seated. The supply valve may need to be adjusted. You can easily adjust the ball-cock or float to stop the flow of water to settle just below the “overflow tube”.

Gas Leaks

Make sure to shut off the gas! You don’t want any build-up of leaking gas to cause problems.
Have the Gas Company come out to do a FREE inspection.

Break-Ins or Vandalism

The best thing is to add a motion sensor light to the sides and back yard.
You could add a “portable” alarm system (laser shields cost $199 & up) that could be a gift to the new owners, when sold.
Put a light or two on timers, set for different times and move them from room to room, once in a while. You can use lamps or install switch timers.

Mail and Newspapers

Keep all mail, newspapers, and fliers out of the front yard. Have the Post Office not deliver the mail.
Drive by your properties every-other day or so, or at random times, to check on its condition.

Smoke Alarms

Make sure the smoke alarms have new batteries.
If there aren’t any smoke alarms, you might want to put one or two in.
The neighbors might hear them and call 911, if there is a fire.


Make sure that all combustible are away from the water heater, HVAC (heating system), and electrical switches & outlets.

Let the Neighbor(s) Know

Let the neighbors know that you are doing (the best you can), to find a buyer for the vacant house, so the properties in the area will hold their value.
Ask them to keep an eye on the property. The better-looking and safer the vacant house remains, the better off the neighborhood. Besides, it get you in the door with your prospective new client…the neighbor!


If at all possible, keep the yards looking great. Make sure the sprinkler system works well.
If there is no sprinkler system, water the yard every few days; or, hire one of the neighbor kids to water for 30 minutes a day.


Don’t forget the 8-second rule! It only takes 8 seconds for someone to decide NOT to buy a house. Make sure the yard looks great, that the paint isn’t pealing, and the screen door isn’t wide open and ripped. Look at the property from the “curb”. Would you buy that house? Do what you can to make the house look more like a HOME.