Seasonal Check-List:


Check, tighten, and adjust fences, gates, and doors. Fill all sinks, drain, and check for leaks.
Check toilet for leaks.
Change indoor air filters.

Check and tighten all light fixtures, wall plugs, and wall switches. Align and adjust all cabinet doors.
Check trim and woodwork for scratches, cracks, or ‘pulling-away’. Flush hot water heater and refill.

Check and clean air registers and grills.
Check fire extinguishers.
Clean dryer vents and exhaust vents.
Inspect roof for missing shingles and gaps around pipes and corners. Check linoleum for rips, tears, and curling.

Check for erosion or shifting around house.
Bury any exposed sprinkler, wiring, or cable lines.

Wash windows.


Turn on and test gas fireplaces.
Hang “seasonal” lighting.
Tighten handrails and grab bars.
Check appliance cords, plugs, and fixtures for damage or overload. Test GFCI’s for functionality and safety.

Home safety check: trip hazards, loose carpet, loose steps, concrete, hanging & wires, slippery surfaces, holes, splinters, etc. Check all faucets and sinks for leaks and drainage.
Run and check garbage disposal.
Tighten door handles, hinge screws, and towel racks.


Check outdoor paint for peeling, cracking, and coverage.
Inspect weatherstripping, thresholds, transitions, and windows.
Inspect exterior trim, gutters, and downspouts.
Review storage area and move temperature sensitive material to warmer areas. Clean gutters.
Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (if needed, replace batteries). Tighten handrails and grab bars.


Clean and adjust ceiling fans.
Change hose and nozzle washers. Start-up and check for leaks. Trim and shape shrubbery.
General exterior cleanup.
Clean, inspect, and reattach gutters, as required.
Change indoor air filters.
Tighten screws and nails on decks and patios.
Seal cracks in concrete.
Repair drywall dings and use touch–up paint.
Start-up sprinklers and check each zone.
Inspect chimney cap and masonry.